Delta Liquid Energy is proud to announce their new Propane Autogas department, Arro Autogas.  Arro provides propane (aka “Autogas”) transportation fuel for fleets throughout the state and has begun expanding its network of fueling locations.  Learn more about our new Arro Autogas brand and to find a fueling station near you at

Considering a fleet upgrade?

Switching from diesel to propane not only benefits the environment; it may also improve your bottom line. With up to 56,000 miles of pipeline and more than 6,000 retail dealer locations, propane is readily available throughout the country. Propane is also the only alternative fuel with fueling stations located in every state. Arro Autogas wants to save you money when upgrading your fleet; click here to visit our Savings page. For more information about government incentives, call Allison Platz at 805-239-0616.

Arro Autogas knows that when it comes to fuel, propane is a frontrunner in saving the planet. Approved by the Environmental Protection Agency as a clean, low-carbon alternative fuel, propane leads all transportation fuels in producing the lowest greenhouse gas emissions (U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center). Propane is nontoxic, so it’s not harmful to soil or water, and is listed in both the 1990 Clean Air Act and the Energy Policy Act of 1992 for being one of the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels.

President Obama’s new stimulus package, which encourages municipalities to use alternatively fueled vehicles, offers government grants to cover a portion of the cost of establishing propane refueling infrastructures. Propane vehicle specialist Allison Platz is highly knowledgeable about the new package and can answer your questions. Please call 805-239-0616.

FCCC S2G Bobtail Testimonials

Hear what propane marketers from across the country recount their overwhelmingly positive experiences with the propane-powered, Freightliner Custom Chassis S2G bobtail. The S2G is equipped with a Liquid Propane Injection (LPI) system from CleanFUEL USA


New Federal Law To Reduce Autogas Tax  

Arro Autogas is proud to report that on Friday, July 31, 2015, President Obama signed into law a bill making it easier for all Americans to use propane autogas. Included in the extension of the highway bill, the excise tax equalization provision permanently reduces the tax rate on propane autogas and levels the playing field for all alternative fuels. The tax will go from $0.183 cents to $0.132 cents, which is a savings of $0.051 cents per gallon on propane Federal Excise Road Tax.
Rick Roldan, National Propane Gas Association's President and CEO applauded Congress for their action saying, "NPGA is very pleased that Congress acted decisively on this issue, making it easier for every American to choose a clean, abundant, and domestic alternative fuel. Propane is the world's third most common engine fuel, and the United States is producing more of it than ever before. Parity in the fuel tax system will help put more alternative fuel vehicles on the road, which is a good thing for America."
Excise tax equalization alters the calculation for the excise tax levied against propane used as an auto fuel to be based on an energy content rather than the current volumetric calculation. Due to the lower energy content of propane compared to gasoline, this will result in lower excise taxes being levied on propane used in auto fuel applications. 
The tax reduction takes effect January 1, 2016.


The government encourages the use of cleaner-burning propane for fueling motor vehicles.

Since 2006, numerous Propane Motor Fuel Tax Credits and Incentives have been offered by the IRS. As of 2008, these credits can be claimed in periods of up to weekly, making the switch to propane a very convenient decision.

Fueled by this compelling information, the Arro Autogas team is leading a campaign to support the use of propane-powered vehicles by commercial and municipal fleets. Read below for some of our endeavors into the propane motor fuel market, and to learn how you can become a user of cleaner-burning fuel.


Let Arro Autogas conserve your finances and the environment. Call Allison Platz at Delta Liquid Energy to learn more today: 805-226-4350.


Introducing the FIRST Type A propane-powered school bus.

Image of a propane powered bus.Collins Bus Corporation through an exclusive agreement with Clean Fuel USA developed the first Type A school buses with Propane Technology. Collins, as the largest builder of Type A school buses is now able to offer this propane technology as an option for buses built on the Factory GM Gas 6.0 chassis. Click here to read more.


Autogas Engine Systems

S2G Medium-Duty Autogas Truck

Image of a S2G Medium-Duty Autogas TruckMeet the S2G-the new medium-duty autogas truck from Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC)  that pairs FCCC’s popular S2 chassis with the only factory-installed propane autogas engine availableto the medium-duty truck market.
Ideal for pickup and delivery, student transportation and municipal applications, the cost-cutting S2G is a commercial truck that means business.


Ford F-650 Chassis Cab

Image of a Ford F-650 Chassis CabThe ROUSH CleanTech liquid propane autogas fuel system is the perfect alternative fuel solution for your 2013 and newer Ford F-650 chassis cab. This clean-burning vehicle lowers operating costs and emissions without sacrificing performance. You’ll appreciate the zero loss in horsepower, torque, and towing capacity of this vehicle, giving you a powerful, economical solution to rising fuel costs.



GM 6.0L G4500 Cut-Van Chassis

Image of a GM 6.0L G4500 Cut-Van ChassisWhether it's meeting companywide initiatives or government standards, fleet managers face many challenges. GM is thinking ahead with its fully integrated, factory installed, single-invoice CleanFUEL USA LPG system, backed by GM's 5-year/100,000 mile Powertrain Warranty.
The 6.0L System is provided in cooperation with ICOM North America – manufacturer, assembler and distributor of the patented Icom JTG Liquid Injection Propane vehicle system.




Freightliner Custom Chassis MT-45/55

Image of a Freightliner Custom Chassis MT-45/55Take the first step towards a more efficient operation with the propane autogas Freightliner Customs Chassis MT-45/55. With the power to pull steep hills, the maneuverability to get in and out of the tightest spots, and the dependable stopping power to handle any surprises that come your way, it’s hard to find a chassis that outperforms these. A propane equipped 6.0 liter hardened engine offers exceptional fuel economy and performance while dramatically lessening emissions.  Newspaper delivery, industrial laundry, tool trucks, utility service; for demanding routes, nothing delivers like the MT-45/55. * The 6.0L System is provided in cooperation with ICOM North America – manufacturer, assembler and distributor of the patented Icom JTG Liquid Injection Propane vehicle system.



ROUSH CleanTech
Blue Bird
ISUZU Utilimaster


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