Arro Autogas and Local Arco Gas Station Debut a New Propane Refueling Site

Sun Valley, Calif. (November 21, 2011) – New propane fuel provider, Arro Autogas, in partnership with Arco gas station and Clean Cities Coalition debuted the newest Autogas refueling station at a grand opening on Wednesday, November 16th. The Autogas refueling station is now located at the Arco gas station, near the Burbank airport, at 8345 Glenoaks Blvd., off of the I-5 freeway exit, east on Glenoaks Blvd. in Sun Valley.

Dignitaries attended for an up close view of the new refueling site and watched a demonstration of the Autogas refueling processes with a propane-powered vehicle. Scrolls of recognition were presented to Arro Autogas on behalf of Assemblyman Cameron Smyth, Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes, City Councilman Tony Cardenas and County Supervisors Michael Antonovich and Zev Yarowslavsky. A question and answer session with Arro Autogas Market Manager, Ted Olsen followed.

Project partners hope this event will encourage fleets to replace their diesel or gas-powered vehicles with new, clean burning propane-fueled vehicles. Arro Autogas Market Manager, Ted Olsen explains, "We want public propane refueling to be as easy and conveniently located as gasoline for our fleets throughout the state."

Antelope Valley Clean Cities Coalition Program Coordinator, Curtis Martin believes, “This venture Arro Autogas is a signpost on the road to energy independence for all of us. As fleets and the private sector continue to look for alternatives to our unstable oil supply, new LPG (Autogas) fueling stations like this one will give consumers a choice.”

New offerings from vehicle manufacturers have given rise to a wide range of Autogas powered vehicles for nearly every application. Curtis of Clean Cities explains, “Alternative fuels speak to the security of this nation’s future and are the key to breaking our dependence on foreign oil. As I watch the industry grow, quantum leaps are being made, almost daily, that will continue to allow Autogas to continue to be a leader in the alternative fuels market.”

Arro Autogas has recently begun expanding its network of fueling locations and the Arco station is one of an expected ten public Autogas sites that will open throughout California by the end of the year 2011. Ted Olsen explains, “As this network is built and becomes available, some of our target fleet customers will be the airport ride-share companies, beverage delivery companies, satellite/cable companies, plumber and medical transport services.”

Arro Autogas is a division of Delta Liquid Energy, a third-generation, family-owned and operated propane marketer headquartered in Paso Robles, California. For more information about Arro Autogas, please visit or call toll-free (855) ARRO-GAS.