Delta Liquid Energy and CleanFuelUSA Install 25 New Public Propane Refueling Sites

Thanks to the Clean Cities Recovery Act Awards for Alternative and Advanced Vehicles, California drivers can look forward to more alternative fuel options at the pump over the next two years. As partial recipients of a $12,299,828 grant, CleanFuelUSA and local propane marketer Delta Liquid Energy will install 25 new public propane refueling sites in the Los Angeles Basin and Northern California.

The grant, called the Texas State Technical College’s Development of a National Liquid Propane (Autogas) Refueling Network, Clean School Bus/Vehicle Incentive & Green Jobs Outreach Program, will result in the development of approximately 184 liquid propane “Autogas” refueling stations in major metropolitan areas across the country, and aims to displace more than 3 million gallons of petroleum annually (

Delta Liquid Energy (DLE) Alternative Fuel Manager Ted Olsen explains that DLE and CleanFuelUSA worked for about a year to get the grant. They have already started construction on the first leg of what they estimate will be a two-year project to install the 25 refueling sites, which will add to DLE’s 14 other public propane refueling sites.

“With these public sites, we are making it easier and convenient for the general public and other fleet drivers to get propane motor fuel,” Olsen says, adding that DLE also plans to enhance their existing refueling sites. “This is a great step in the right direction of becoming less dependent on gasoline; with the infrastructure in place—as it is in Europe, where ‘Autogas’ and gasoline are offered side-by-side at most stations—it will be more practical for American drivers to choose an alternative fueled automobile.”

And as new Roush Ford Propane Vehicles and new CleanFuelUSA vehicles hit the road this year, Olsen says public propane sites are going to be in increasingly high demand.

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