Delta Liquid Energy and Student Transportation of America Unveil 77 Green School Buses of the Future at Open House, Wed. July 1st, 2009

If children are our future, then propane is the motor fuel of the next generation. Thanks to efforts by Delta Liquid Energy (DLE), a California based propane marketer, Student Transportation of America is jumpstarting a clean, inexpensive, independent fuel commitment to the future—with 77 new propane powered school buses, to be unveiled at an Open House event on Wed. July 1, 2009 from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Local dignitaries and the general public will gather July 1 to view the recently installed 15,000 gallon propane storage tank and four refueling dispensers which DLE provided for Student Transportation of America (STA) in Los Angeles. STA will use the fuel to fill the 77 conventional style Blue Bird Corporation Propane Powered Vision School Buses running routes for the Los Angeles Unified School District. The clean burning fuel source will allow L.A. kids to get to school in the best eco-style, while also transporting them toward a cleaner skyline, healthier air, and a future free from foreign oil dependence.

“This new state-of-the-art propane fueling station is safe, environmentally friendly and fast filling, with the capacity to fill four buses at the same time,” says Ted Olsen, DLE Alternative Fuel Manager. Olsen explains that the OEM propane-powered Blue Bird school bus is the only alternative powered school bus in its class. It incorporates a robust GM 8.1 liter engine that utilizes liquid propane injection for maximum performance and efficiency.

Advantages of Propane:
Propane has proved to be the optimum choice in alternative transportation fuels for the conventional style school bus because it is the most readily available, boasts comparable if not lower costs than other fuel sources, is domestically produced, and can be the cleanest burning of available alternatives—a fact that becomes particularly crucial when you consider that these buses are carrying young children who would otherwise be breathing the black, noxious fumes of diesel engines.

Olsen says that they won STA’s fuel contract due in part to DLE’s long history of using propane as a transportation fuel. "We at DLE take pride in our experience and expertise when it comes to propane motor fuel. Our fleet runs on propane, too."

DLE has also installed propane motor fueling sites for four other school districts aside from LAUSD and, according to Olsen, they do not plan to stop here. He believes that school districts statewide will soon be going to propane for their bus fuel. And if the process is as easy in other districts as it has been with STA, that could be a reality in no time. "Working with STA on this project has been a breeze. The whole process of installing and constructing this project went so smoothly,” Olsen says, explaining that a project of this size typically requires a long, drawn-out process of getting permits. He was delighted to find that with the aid of STA and LAUSD, DLE was able to complete the installation in just three months.

Event Details:
The July 1st Open House event will be held at the STA refueling station at 12560 Raymer Street, in North Hollywood; and begins at 10 a.m., brief presentations will start at 11 a.m. hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be served throughout the day. STA and DLE management invite the general public along with LAUSD officials, local government officials, members of the police and fire department, other school district leaders, and key members of the transportation press in this exciting presentation of how propane powered buses are providing a clean, green path to a brighter future.

About DLE:
Delta Liquid Energy is a third-generation, family-owned and operated propane marketer headquartered in Paso Robles, California. The company has been in business since 1936 and operates eleven service facilities throughout California. For more information about Delta Liquid Energy, please visit, or contact press agency AR & Co. PR & Marketing at (805) 239-4443.