California Business Owner Elected to Lead National Propane Energy Council

California businessman William Platz, President of the Paso Robles-based propane corporation Delta Liquid Energy, was recently elected to serve as Chairman of the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), a national board authorized by the United States Congress to promote the use of propane as a preferred energy source. He will volunteer his time and travel expenses to oversee PERC’s $45 million budget and to lead the Council as it initiates its National Energy Conversation—a campaign which will educate energy decision-makers about how increased propane use in replacement of other energy sources reduces U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

Platz comes to the position after a two-year term of service as PERC Treasurer, and three and half years as a councilmember. His many years of experience in extending propane use—as former Chairman of the Propane Vehicle Council (2003-2004), President of The Propane Promotion Consortium, Inc. for the last seven years, and active board member of The National Propane Gas Association and the Western Propane Gas Association—will aid him in his term as PERC Chairman.

“I am honored to serve as chairman of an organization dedicated to promoting and perfecting the use of propane as a green alternative energy source,” Platz says. “There is no simpler solution to the environmental and energy crisis we are experiencing than to employ this clean, reliable, cost effective and domestically produced energy resource.”

A California native and graduate of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Platz has worked in the third-generation family business of Delta Liquid Energy (DLE) since 1986. He and his father have dedicated their adult lives to leading the industry in promoting cleaner air through the use of propane as an engine fuel. Today, most of Delta’s fleet runs on propane (producing up to 80 percent fewer emissions than their gasoline or diesel counterparts) and the Platz family devotes many resources to advocating the development and commercialization of propane-powered equipment, vehicles and refueling stations.

The Council’s first steps of the new term under Platz’s leadership will be to help form an alliance with T. Boone Pickens, a leading advocate of alternative and renewable fuels. PERC authorized the President and CEO Roy Willis to continue negotiations that would make propane an integral part of the “Pickens Plan,” a multimedia campaign to promote energy independence, expand the use of domestic alternative fuels, and reduce the impact of energy-use on the environment.

Chairman Platz will be joined by Vice Chairman Joe Armentano (Paraco Gas, NY); Vice Chairman Steve Williams (BP North America Gas & Power, TX); Treasurer Paul Grady (Heritage Operating LP, KY); and Secretary David Regan (Targa Resources Inc., TX).

For additional information about the benefits of propane and DLE’s efforts to improve the economy and environment by using propane, visit, or call (805) 239-0616.